Small change of plans

After looking through my fabric stash, this cross-striped fabric fell into my hands. Actually I wanted to start with one of my plans for 2023, but then I changed my mind!

The pattern is my own, only the style of the front collar/neckline I borrowed from “The Laneway Dress” – sewing pattern by Jennifer Lauren Handmade.

HERE you can find MY version of The Laneways Dress!

Photo: Neckline variation of my new dress
I really wanted a little interruption in the horizontal stripes in the front bodice, as I was a little worried that the stripes would end up “conspicuously” slanted (due to my slightly uneven shoulders). And I think it worked, a little diagonally YES ok, but not too noticeable!

Photo: Gathering of the skirt
The skirt is going to be a simple gathered skirt. It’s made of a rectangle with the measurements: 2,76m | 3 yards (width) to 68cm | 26,7 inch (length/height). Since I always need pockets, I divided it into front and back skirt and sewed everything (pockets and side seams) together with French seams. Find my “French seam” tutorial HERE!

I haven’t got any further yet… so more about the dress next week!

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