First sewing plans for 2023

I started this year “lazy”, haven’t knitted or sewn anything yet, I only thought about it and made plans!

The questions were:
What do I absolutely want to have?
What is actually missing in my wardrobe?
And which things need to be replaced?

Here is the first result of my reflections:

Compilation of my sewing plans for 2023 (graphic)

1. I would like to make a bra out of the Sophie Swimsuit using these instructions. My bikini (Find my version HERE) fits amazing, so why not at least giving it a try.

2. A summer-dress using my own pattern.

The next two patterns are from Charm Patterns (by Gertie).

3. The Night-and-Day-Dress (once again with my adjusted skirt – HERE you can find the tutorial)
4. the Lamour-Dress – I want to sew this one with narrow (adjustable) straps and I might also change the neckline a bit, but I’m not sure about that yet…

What are your plans?