First test version: Lamour Dress

Now that I have found a suitable strapless bra for the first time in my life, I naturally want to use it.

So here it is, my first test version (bodice) of the Lamour Dress by Charm Patterns: Size 4 D/DD

Find the preparations for this test HERE

photo: Test-bodice - Lamour Dress

Planned optimisations | adjustments:

Since I already had to take out some of the width at the back and from the side seams of the body so that it doesn’t slide down completely, I might even try a smaller size with a larger cup. And that although my measurements actually fit this size… It’s funny how the size changes for me when my shoulders don’t have to be taken into account! 😉

Apart from that, I will have to add some “length” to the upper front, as the neckline is just too low for me (it currently doesn’t even cover the upper edge of my bra) + I will have to adjust the princess seams for my bust point. Apart from that, I’m really happy…

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