Sewing pattern review: No.1 - Dragør

At the moment I am really in love with dresses, therefore I decided to try an other sewing pattern of How to do Fashion and would like to tell you here about my experiences in the form of a pattern review.

The No.1 – Dragør ! Namely version 1 (right site) I’m going to make!

Source fashion sketch: How to do fashion (DK)

I already made the dress No.6 København of How to do Fashion a while ago and I was really really happy with it, so I was looking forward to this one too and was not disappointed.

-> More about the dress: No.6 København you can find HERE mehr.

Although I bought the pattern as well as the material myself and did not get any order or money for this blog entry, I still want to point out, because I linked to their website that this might be some kind of “unpaid advertising”… you never know! 😉

So this time I wanted to sew: No.1 – Dragør (version 1):
A summer dress with gathered bust, a beautiful full skirt (normally pleated) and a side zipper!

Sewing pattern review

The test-version for the fitting was sewn quickly (the sewing instructions are available online and can be saved and printed directly from there) and I realised that I should definitely make some small changes for my body so that the dress fits really well in the end. But when do I actually not have to do that!? 😉

These have been my adjustments for the desired fit:
1. The straps were a bit too “big” for me, or better, they slipped over my shoulders and I had to moved them a little. However, this is an area that I actually always have to adjust at every pattern I use. So I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.

2. An FBA (Full Bust Adjustment) – which was also clear to me – since I have a D- to E-Cup. But that was easy to do, because Nanna (the creator behind How to do Fashion) has already published various fit optimizations on her website with easy to understand instructions. And I think I succeed with the FBA really well, or what do you think?

More fitting instructions from Nanna:
1. Full bust Vs. small waist
2. “Wings” at back
3. Low shoulder/short back
4. Sway back
–> all of these instructions you can find HERE!

By the way, something I really like about the patterns of How to do Fashion is that they can be combined. Something I did with this dress as well, because I do have my problems with “pleated skirts”, because the pleats often pop up funny on my body and I just don’t like it. So I simply used the gathered skirt from the pattern No.8 Svaneke and I am super happy with my decision! 🙂

And here is my finished No.1 – Dragør and I have to say: I’m in love! What do you think?

Thanks a lot to How to do Fashion! The dress-design is amazing, the pattern easy to sew and I really love how it fits!