knitting technique: Sleeves

I’ve wanted to try this idea for a while now. Although I love the look of sleeves knitted in using short rows and I also enjoy knitting them, I know that many people are kind of scared of this technique.

What’s more, this time I was planning a striped jumper, I didn’t want to sew too much and wanted a smooth transition to the sleeves, but didn’t want a raglan.

And this is my technique:

As usual, I started with the back, but I didn’t knit it all the way to the underarms, only as far as I need for my normal short row sleeves style in order to have the top stitches for the beginning of the sleeves. I knitted double the number of rows than I needed, as I only wanted to pick up stitches from every second row, as I usually do.

photo: fake set-ip sleeves

I then picked up stitches for my front pieces (which are still seperated) from den back. At first I knitted some short rows for the shoulder slant and then, as soon as I reached the same number of rows as for the back piece (on the shoulder side), I joined them into one piece by picking up stitches along the shoulder sides of the front pieces and the back piece for the sleeves.

From now on, I increased 2 stitches for the sleeves in every second row and after a few more rows, I joined the left front, the back and right front, by casting on stitches at the center front into the round.

As the shoulder width has already been determined when casting on the back, only sleeve stitches need to be increased and you can simply continue knitting in the round as with the raglan style, but with the look of set-in sleeves.

What do you think of this approach? Interested?

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