My new jeans (prototype)

I’m still not completely satisfied. The legs and especially the bum are still too wide and the legs a bit too long (depends on my shoes) for me. I also didn’t manage to get the seam lines on the front legs as planned, but I know why. The back leg should have been wider. A small mental error on my part, but fortunately quite easy to fix.

But I really like the front fastening and it worked well for me. The zipper is offset to the side and is located on of one of the trouser pockets. Well… you have to to push the pocket back into the trousers after putting it on and closing the jeans, but I don’t find that particularly problematic! hehe

Here you will find a detailed photo of my zipper placement!


photo: Prototype - new jeans - front


photo: Prototype - new jeans - back

There are a few more details that I would like to change, but for now I have a wearable and very comfortable prototype that I can also wear warm thermal tights underneath and I’m happy about that 😉

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