New sewing machine

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I got a new sewing machine for Christmas – the W6 N 3300 Pro sewing machine – and I’m delighted. It’s my first somewhat more professional machine and I’m really looking forward to seeing how I get on with it. I still need to work through the manual though! 😉

photo: W6 Nähmaschine N 3300 Pro

Up to now, I have worked with the W6 sewing machine N1235/61, a purely mechanical hobby sewing machine from the lowest price segment of this company! And it has served me fantastically well over the last 10 years. It has never let me down, has sewn everything I have ever wanted and has never broken down, even though it has been in constant use. I didn’t really expect that in this price range. It still runs great now, even if it’s a bit louder than at the beginning! And as the guarantee has now expired after 10 years, my family thought it was time for a new one for Christmas! Thank you very much!

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