Striped socks

I know …. I had actually said that I had had enough of knitting socks for the time being, but my original plan was to knit 7 pairs of new socks and I only had 6. That kind of annoyed me, especially because there were no real striped socks (like my grandma used to knit them). And I really like striped socks!!! Hmpf

And to get all that out of my head and be free for new things, I gathered up some leftover-yarn* – NOT a new ball – and knitted these socks.

How I carried the yarn along when changing colours worked out quite well for me, don’t you think?

*By the way, HERE you can have a look at the socks from whose left over yarn I knitted the “coloured” stripes of these socks.

photo: striped socks

photo: changing colours - striped socks

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