Sewing pattern tester: The Asteria Dress

Once again I was one of the lucky participants of a pattern test by Jennifer Lauren Handmade. A beautiful multi-cup-size dress pattern that I simply couldn’t resist.

Although independent feedback was asked for and I have sewn this dress with fabric I have bought on my own expense, I got this “test” sewing pattern for free, so this might be some kind of “advertising” and I want to point this out here. You never know… 😉

Sewing pattern test

The test has already taken place in January 2020, because after all, in such a pattern test the pattern should first be tried out by different testers in the different sizes, which will then be adjusted according to the feedback of the testers regarding comprehensibility of the instructions, fit, etc.

But since the pattern was now published on 01.04.2020, I can finally show you my version and report about the test.

About the test:

Like last time, I found it especially exciting that I actually only had a written description of the pattern. No photo or any other orientation help that could give me an impression of how the dress should actually look and/or fit in the end.

It was practically a “blind flight”, but that is what makes these tests so exciting!

About the dress:

It has short sleeves, a wide skirt with small pleats and pockets (yeah!), a rectangular neckline and sits rather loosely at the waist, but it has to, because it has no zipper or other opening for dressing, it is simply pulled over the head and therefore feels very airy and comfortable when worn.

However, the waist size can be reduced by two ribbons which are sewn into the side seams of the dress (e.g. with a bow at the back), so that the dress can be worn from loose to figure-hugging.

+ There is also a second version of the dress included in the pattern, namely a version with a collar and a button placket on the front top. Also very chic, but somehow I personally can’t quite get used to collars yet!

Also the fabrics that can be used are versatile and range from light to medium weight woven fabrics. For example: Cotton, poplin, linen, viscose, silk, light to medium weight denim or – for cooler days – light to medium weight flannel or wool fabric. Just as you like!

I have sewn my version from a viscose twill, which falls beautifully and I am very very happy with my choice!

About the instructions:

As I had expected, the instructions (in English, but with many pictures) were easy to understand and implement. Everything is explained step by step! That’s why I think that the pattern is already suitable for a “courageous” beginner.

The dress fits me perfectly – even if I was surprised, especially regarding the sleeves, because sleeves usually never fit me because of my shoulders. So I was actually a little speechless + in love! 😉 But you shouldn’t worry about that, because after the test the width of the sleeves and the waist were reduced a little bit.

So thank you very much Jennifer for this beautiful pattern, it is – but I honestly expected nothing else – once again amazing and really well thought out!

It will certainly not be the last version of this pattern for me. <3