Winter-Outfit: Part 1 (the base)

This is the base for my planned Christmas outfit this year! 🙂

And even though no one will get to see it this year for the holidays, because for the protection of our families/parents we are staying home, I am still super proud of it. I’m especially pleased with the way I managed to match the lines of the fabric, as well as the fit!

Although the dress – once again – is made of cotton, for the first time I didn’t use cotton for the lining, but a black viscose lining fabric. This is the only way my tights don’t stick to the skirt and I don’t have to keep tugging at the skirt while walking 😉

Apart from that, the dress is made from my own pattern and has – as always – pockets. It is fully lined and the skirt (including the pockets) are sewn with French seams.
How to do this? Find some instructions HERE.

And since we have the second real lockdown starting today, of course the matching face mask can’t be missing 😉

PS: I’m going to add a cropped t-shirt – because so far I just can’t get used to sleeves on dresses + without sleeves I can also wear the dress in summer – and a knitted jumper. Everything will be made from my own patterns and knitting instructions.