Fitting 2024: Lamour Dress

Good things take time, but I’m slowly becoming more and more confident.

The “slant” of my upper body bothers me a little with this pattern and I’m not quite sure whether I shouldn’t even make two different halves for the bodice so that both sides really fit. (my right side is simply shorter, you can see that at the wrinkles at one side)

Sewing pattern: Lamour Dress (by Charm Patterns)
But I think this pattern is just super pretty and I need an evening gown soon, so let’s see if I can manage to feel comfortable in it!

photo: Fitting - Lamour Dress 2024

I definitely need to take some length out of the back and also deepen the back neckline a bit, as it currently conflicts with my protruding shoulder blades. 😉

I will also have to add a little width all round, because this pattern has a lining, an underlining and spiral steel boning, which all need a little bit of “space”.

+ I’m trying to incorporate some kind of “underlining-bra”. Although I finally have a good fitting strapless bra, I don’t really trust it and would like a bit more support. That’s why there will probably be also straps.

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