My new striped jumper

and I think it will also be one of my new favourites. 🙂

The fit is exactly what I had hoped for. Cosy, but still figure-hugging. I did reject the hood (I just didn’t like the shape of it) and decided in favour of a stand-up collar in the end, but I am more than happy with the result.

I also like the technique used for the sleeves, as they look like set-in sleeves but are worked more like a raglan – after a slightly different start. At the beginning, the sleeve caps still have slightly pointy corners, but after wearing them for a short time, they have rounded out and are no longer noticeable.

As I was able to knit in rounds after a short time using this technique, the stripes are also very easy to work, because with my preferred sleeves (= knitted in with short rows) this would have meant far too much yarn tangle with the colour changes.


photo: striped jumper - front side


photo: striped jumper - back side

And how do you like it?

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