Pattern tester wanted!

It’s done, I constructed my first own sewing pattern – dress: Karlotta – and made a pdf-pattern out of it!

Karlotta is a dress with vintage touch. The princess seams of the v-neck body form the basis for an optimal (figure-hugging) fit for the woman with a D-cup, while the skirt (with pockets) has a good amount of flare as it goes down. With the pleated details on the upper back and the waistband, it additionally becomes a real eyecatcher.

Now I’m looking for testers who want to give it a try:

About the sewing pattern test

Sewing level: medium

The pattern is a digital pdf-document (available in the formats: DIN A4 & US letter) for printing at home. So you need a printer and a pdf-reader like the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free). Printer setting – no scaling = print at 100%.

The test is taking place from 01.08. until 31.08.2019. Do you have time for it in August?

There will also be a questionnaire to answer within this time. Do you feel like it?

Photos of the finished dress (worn) are requested, which may be published on my blog, Instagram or similar. It doesn’t have to be professional photos, but the dress should be easy to recognize. The wearer’s face may or may not be recognizable. If you have your own blog and would like to write something about this test and/or if I publish your photos on my blog (info: I will always just use your first name for publications) and you want a backlink, please let me know!

What personal data do I need from you:
Name, email address, body measurements and the size you want to sew.
These data are used exclusively for the test (is not going to be published) and subsequently deleted.

About the sewing pattern:

You can sew the dress for yourself or for another person. It is important only that the size approximately matches my sizing charts + the later “wearer” has a D-cup. (calculation: see below)

The D-cup is important, because my sewing pattern has a lot more width in the front than other patterns (which are almost always constructed with a B-cup), while the back has stayed narrow. Therefore the chest circumference is proportionally different to B-Cup sewing patterns.

Of course it’s allowed to grade between sizes, but please let me know.

About the sizing:

D-cup calculation:

D-cup = bust – upper bust = 7,5cm up to 10cm (difference)

measured bust                      84cm
measured upper-bust       – 75cm
difference                                 9cm = D-cup

Info: I have deliberately decided against the conventional sizes, as these always vary depending on the manufacturer anyway and measuring the body for sewing your own clothes simply belongs to the whole process for me. That’s why my sizes are called A – E! 😉

Body measurements in cm (approx. inch):

Bust (D-cup) 84 (33) 87 (341/4) 91 (357/8) 95 (373/8) 100 (393/8)
Waist 61 (24) 64 (251/4) 67 (263/8) 71 (277/8) 75 (291/2)
Hips 82,5 (321/2) 85 (331/2) 87,5 (341/2) 91,5 (36) 96,5 (38)
Hight 168 (5″6) 168 (5″6) 168 (5″6) 168 (5″6) 168 (5″6)

Finished dress in cm (approx. inch):

Bust (D-cup) 87 (341/4) 90 (353/8) 94 (37) 98 (381/2) 103 (401/2)
Waist 63 (247/8) 66 (26) 69 (271/8) 73 (283/4) 77 (303/8)
Hips free free free free free
Skirt length 60 (235/8) 60 (235/8) 61 (24) 61 (24) 62 (243/8)

Tester request:

You have read everything, the sizes are suitable and you have time in August to sew, to answer the questionnaire, to take photos of the finished dress and to send me everything by email?

Then apply now using

Since the number of testers is unfortunately limited and I want to be fair, the testers get picked in order of time of application. If you end up in the list of participants with your desired size, you will receive the pattern, the sewing instructions & the questionnaire by email on 01.08.2019 during the day.