Making: full-fingered gloves

Since I started knitting only about a year ago, full-fingered gloves seemed like a real big challenge to me, but the fear was gone quickly.

The used knitting pattern: Treppenviertel Hands by Nicola Susen (Nicolor Strickdesign)
(available in German & English)
* promotion without assignment, I bought the pattern

About the pattern:

The instructions are great! 🙂 Although I have worked exclusively with “written” step by step instructions by now, I’ve understood the pattern chart quite well, certainly because each step is explained additionally.

Nevertheless, I will continue to be no big fan of this knitting charts instructions, but well … it seems like that’s the way how you write knitting patterns in Germany.

In addition to the instructions for full-fingered gloves this knitting pattern also contains the instructions for mittens and fingerless gloves. So you get a complete package for warm hands!

The pattern of the gloves (longitudinal and transverse ribs) is beautiful and also ensures that the gloves are nicely warm. Although the structure isn’t that good visible, due to the color gradient of the sock yarn I used (alpaca sock yarn of Apu Kuntur) for my gloves, but I had this wool in stock and it is incredibly soft and cuddly.

So anyone who attaches great importance to the recognizability of the structure should better use single-coloured wool (gauge: 30 stitches x 42 rows = 10×10 cm).


And here you can see how one of my gloves gradually emerges and how in the end both of them look:

Since such visual intermediate steps always help me understanding such instructions, I hope that with this video I’m able to reduce a little bit of the fear of such projects. I’m definitely super happy with my new gloves and really surprised how easily they were to knit.

Thank you dear Nicola, the instructions are amazing and the knitting is great fun! + And that is nearly the best of all: For the first time in my life I have finger gloves where the length of the fingers is not too long! 😀