Sewing pattern recommendation: Vintage-Style Skirt

While looking for new inspiration, I found this free vintage inspired pleated skirt sewing pattern at Peppermint Magazine some time ago. (sewing pattern created by In The Folds)


The skirt impresses with really enchanting pleats at the waist, has a nice length and even pockets. So what do you want more!?


Well…. I have to admit that I hardly made any good experiences with free sewing patterns up to today, so I was skeptical at first.
Here are a few examples I have made with other free patterns: seam allowances (unfortunately only at some pattern pieces) were not included, although they were supposed to be included everywhere, or the scaling for the pdf printing was just completely wrong and/or the pdf pattern pages did not match at all.

But well, I’m a curious person and therefore like to give new things new chances and was absolutely not disappointed with this pattern.

Only the specified sizes of the finished skirt in comparison to the body measurements were not 100% comprehensible to me, because how is a skirt that is supposed to sit at the waist, stay there, if a wearing ease of 5cm is included? Therefore I’ve orientated myself more at the measurements for the finished skirt than at the actual body measurements and I’m really satisfied with my result.

The size I have chosen for me is based on my sewing experiences + I know pretty well how I want such a skirt to fit. Sewing beginners, however, I would advise to stay with the body measurements sizing chart, because a too wide skirt is easy to make smaller, while the other way round, if you choose a too small size, it is more difficult since there is only a small amount of fabric (seam allowance) left to make it bigger.


Besides that, there is absolutely nothing to complain about this sewing pattern, the English-language sewing instructions leads you step by step through the entire sewing process, every step is explained in great detail and is also provided with easy to understand graphics.

The precise folding of the pleats and the narrow stitching of these, as well as the invisible zipper is certainly a bit tricky but nothing that can’t be mastered with some patience by sewing beginners. So if you’ve been looking for a great pleated skirt in vintage style, this is certainly the right pattern for you.
Click HERE to get to the free download!


And this is my skirt made after this sewing pattern:
I used a dark-purple, slightly washed-out, linen fabric. Combined with (because I really love this sewing pattern) an Astoria sweater by Colette Patterns.