Sleeves Challenge 2021

I’ve been wanting a dress with sleeves for so long, but so far I always ended up abandoning the sleeves because I simply couln’t make them fit. 🙁

New pattern, new year, new ambitions… still a lot to do, but looks already promising, doesn’t it? 🙂

Things I would still like to adjust:
1. reduce underbust length + correct shaping – possibly FBA (fitting for a large bust).
2. reduce width at the upper front (between the sleeves)
3. reduce back width – especially in the waist area
4. armholes are much too deep for me and the shoulder seam is too long, so that I can hardly lift my arms in this version
5. sleeves – there will probably be an upper arm seam so that I get the width for my shoulders (my main problem), and that despite the smaller armholes and not wanting to have sleeves that are way to wide at the bottom
6. I have to move the zipper from the side to the centre back, because I already (although some parts are still too wide) can’t get my shoulders through the opening (with a side zipper)

sewing pattern: Retro Butterick ’52 – B6018 (by the way, these retro patterns have completely different sizes, so here I’m working with a size 12, whose measurements actually once correspond to mine, although not in length!)